served until 11am (unless you have a joke)

Build Your Own

Choice of ham, turkey or bacon with cheese and egg on a grilled croissant.


Casual Omelet

2 eggs, side of toast and choice of fillings.

Meats: ham, turkey, bacon
Cheese: cheddar, Swiss, provolone, pepperjack
Veggies: spinach, onion, green, pepper, red pepper, tomato, artichoke



All sandwiches: $4.00


Swiss, spinach, red pepper, artichoke and egg on a ciabatta roll

Smokey Treat

Bacon, tomato, pepperjack & egg on dark rye

Mas Macho Burro

Ham, cheddar, salsa & egg on a grilled tortilla wrap

Open Your Face

Slice of sourdough with cheddar, provolone, egg, turkey, spinach & roasted red peppers